Although you can purchase a WHRZT! tracking device without any further commitment, a subscription signup is required in order to activate the device and use it to view location reports and trigger GeoFence or motion alerts. Find more details here: https://www.whrzt.com/faqs.html
Installation is easy, but you must correctly attach the device to +12v and ground in your trailer or asset wiring. You should also consider mounting location, as best GPS performance is obtained when the device is mounted with a clear view to the sky and NOT mounted inside a metal box or trailer... Find more details here: https://www.whrzt.com/faqs.html
WHRZT! devices sold with a year of service included must be registered as part of the activation process. Simply have your WHRZT! Device ID(s) handy, call 1.888.507.9985, and select extension 103 or extension 107. We'll register your device(s) and help you with the activation process.